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Kansas Association of School Psychologists

Summer 2020 Edition

Lina Kitson, Editor Teresa Walters, Associate Editor

KASP Vision and Mission

KASP VISIONKASP visibly leads in promoting proactive, research-based practices and partnerships which foster the academic and psychological well-being of children, for their benefit and that of their families, schools, communities, and the profession of School Psychology.

KASP MISSION:  KASP exists to advocate for the psychological and educational well-being of Kansas children, while serving the needs of the membership and promoting school psychology as a profession.

President's Message

Welcome Back to School to many of my fellow school psychs! While there are lots of anxious feelings I hope you feel connected that we all are walking “Into the Unknown” (Cue Frozen 2 soundtrack)! I am sure you are also aware that changes have been occurring in the field of school psychology for the last several years, and we face the very real potential for significant impact on our role during a pandemic. Change is sometimes hard but it is also an opportunity. While there are many negative effects due to a global pandemic, the silver lining is that it will give us all a chance to learn and grow in a different way in our profession. Some of us may become more tech savvy, some may learn to lead some great PD for their buildings, some may learn and apply new assessment strategies, while others are taking the first steps to counseling students. KASP has been working hard throughout the years and continues to work hard to give you resources and professional development so you can feel capable in our very versatile role. In some aspects this pandemic can give us all a nudge to try something new we have thought about but haven’t tried yet.

While we all are navigating through a different world, it is even more crucial we lean on others to share and ask for ideas. Earlier this spring I created a sharing platform for Kansas School Psychologists to share on Facebook. I hope that you can feel connected to your colleagues around the state and feel comfortable asking questions and sharing resources. I think more than ever we need collaboration as we take on the unknown. KASP and NASP are also great resources to lean on and to use for your information. KASP will also continue to provide valuable information at our annual fall conference. Make sure you don’t miss the details.

Finally, despite all the craziness going on in the world, KASP has been really working hard to become advocates for school psychologists. At our recent August retreat, the board did GPR (Government and Professional Relations) training. We are working toward some big goals to be able to nail down in legislation and bring to some key stakeholders at the state level.

Lowering ratios for school psychs so that school psychologists can be utilized in prevention and intervention practices to meet the mental health, social/emotional and academic needs of students and families.

Increase equitable access for general education, special education, and BIPOC by using data based decisions and evidenced based practices.

During this pandemic, there are several equity concerns that have been brought to the forefront and it is our responsibility to lead this in our practice. Charles Barrett will be speaking on this and how we can advocate for our students at our fall conference! I am so excited for us to gain knowledge in how to assess and advocate for culturally and linguistically diverse students. If you want a teaser into Charles’ work like him on facebook and listen to one of his podcasts. He has been very popular in our field and we snagged him!

Let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or ways we can advocate for you!

Psyched to be your President,

Jessica Mefford, Ed.S

Jessica Mefford, Ed.S

KASP President


Board News and Announcements

Board Minute Summary by Angie Howard, Secretary

On April 17, 2020, members of the KASP Board held a special meeting via Zoom to finalize plans for the Spring 2020 Virtual Conference and to continue discussions related to COVID-19 resulting impacts on Kansas school psychologists. Additionally, updates were given related to board financials and website development. The KASP Board held a series of special meetings via Zoom on May 14th, June 9th, and June 15th to continue discussions related to the current climate. During these meetings, members of the board continued to discuss the impacts of COVID-19; developed the COVID-19 Guiding Document; developed the KASP Call to Action for Social and Racial Justice; developed and carried out a plan for advocacy related to the proposed APA Standards of Accreditation for Masters in Health Service Psychology; and engaged in planning activities for the KASP 2020 Fall Convention. The KASP Board convened on August 1, 2020 via Zoom and continued Fall 2021 Virtual Conference planning. The KASP Board then participated in a 6 hour training given by members of the National Association of School Psychologists Government and Public Relations Committee to assist KASP in further refining and implementing the organization’s advocacy efforts for the children and families of Kansas.

Timely Events

-- Interested in Serving on the KASP Board? --

There are four KASP Board positions available for the coming year/cycle. We are looking for candidates for President Elect, Western Region Director, Communications Director, and Associate Editor. Below are basic descriptions of each position. Please consider volunteering as a candidate!

****Please email Stacey Moddie if you are interested in running. 

President Elect

The President-Elect attends KASP Executive Board meetings, prepares for his/her duties as President, and assists other officers or officials as is necessary.  The President Elect and the President is expected to attend the annual NASP convention and the Regional Leadership Meeting.  The President Elect also works with the Treasurer to develop a budget for the year that they serve as President. The budget would likely be developed during December and then presented at the board retreat in January. This is a three year term. The President Elect will transition to the President's position, and followed by the past-president. The President Elect must have served on the KASP board. 

Some specific tasks include:

  • Assist President with fall convention as needed.
  • Develop goals for term as President -the concerns or issues that will need to be addressed.
  • Attend NASP Regional Leadership Meeting and the National Convention (February).
  • Develop Budget for their presidential year with assistance of the Treasurer.
  • Participate in KASP Leadership Retreat (January) and organize for year as President.

Western Region Director

There are four Regional Directors who serve as representatives to the KASP Executive Board from the Northeast, Southeast, Central and Western regions of the state. The primary responsibilities of the Regional Directors are to inform and survey their constituents on important issues and report the results of surveys to the Board. Regional Directors also support the Membership/Public Information official by developing membership in their region and identifying District Liaisons from each independent agency providing school psychological services i.e. school district, Cooperative, Interlocal.

Within the month prior to each Executive Board meeting, the Regional Directors will take a sample (minimum of 10 members) of their regional KASP members to ascertain their opinions/feedback regarding major issue(s) facing the Executive Board. These issues will be sampled consistently across all regions of KASP and will be determined by and communicated to directors by the KASP President. Regional Directors will send a report of the survey results to the KASP President prior to the upcoming Executive Board meeting.

Communications Director

The Communications Directors official duties are to maintain and develop membership in the Association and communicate announcements and noteworthy items about individuals and activities to the media. (Voting Member)

Some specific tasks include:

  • Write letter seeking new members and renewal members.
  • Develop and prepare current membership application with Executive Manager for distribution before the beginning of the new fiscal year (January).
  • Develop and implement membership incentives.
  • Respond to any specific member needs as necessary 
  • Notify hometown media of the new President's election.
  • Notify media of the KASP School Psychologist of the Year selection.
  • Publicize KASP conferences and workshops.
  • Develop and/or distribute media spots concerning school psychology or relevant children’s' issues.
  • Arrange with the Governor’s office for the Proclamation of School Psychology Week, as designated by NASP.
  • Set up booth at the Fall Convention.

They shall be responsible to coordinate activities relating to publicity of events, recognition of members, and communication of multi-state/regional information. Press releases should be sent to local news media for events such as convention information, Winner of the Psychologist of the Year, newly elected board members, etc. The Membership official shall inform external agencies and the general public about the aims and activities of KASP.

Associate Editor

The primary function of the Editor and Associate Editor is to publish a minimum of four newsletters (The Kansas School Psychologist) per year. They shall coordinate any other publications as determined by the Board. This is a two-year position with election to the Associate Publications position for the first year. The Associate Editor will be mentored during his/her first year and will share in publication duties. The Associate Editor will become the Editor/Publications Chairperson for the second year of his/her term.

Some specific tasks include:

  • Set publication deadlines.
  • Solicit/obtain articles.  
  • Write articles.
  • Plan issue emphasis.
  • Survey other state newsletters.
  • Layout the pages.
  • Proofread the newsletter.

Editor shall be responsible for monitoring the issues of The Kansas School Psychologist to ensure it does the following: (1) inform membership of KASP of state and local issues in school psychology, (2) promote KASP, (3) discuss issues, (4) activate members, (5) act as a vehicle for member participation, and (6) provide entertainment.  (Both voting members).


KASP is seeking nominees for School Psychologist of the Year and Minority Scholarship Awards

We will be taking nominations for two awards this year:

Any questions can be sent to Jon Smeeton

Timely Topics

-Self Care-

Self-care during this time is especially important for all educators. Below are some useful resources! 

  • CDC resources: Stress  and Coping 
  • APA resources: Self-care resources for psychologists 
  • The Value of Educator Self-Care Webinar (Wednesday 12th, 3:30 PM; Duration-1 hour) : Join Teaching Tolerance for a webinar on the importance of educators practicing self-care. Featuring Middle School Literacy Coach GeneviĆ©ve DeBose and School Social Worker Shoshana Brown, this webinar will help educators understand the science and psychology of self-care, including how educator self-care affects students. You will learn a variety of practices and tools, and you will be able to identify practices that work best for you so that you can thrive and really show up every day in your school community.
  • Self-Care IEP: Individualized Energy Plan-Create your own Self-Care IEP!
  • Self Compassion in Difficult Times with Dr. Kristin Neff-Dr Neff explains the vital importance of self-compassion and how we can we learn to be kinder to ourselves, especially when facing difficult times. 

-KASP Position Papers-

In the last few months KASP released two position statements addressing issues such as COVID-19 and social and racial justice. 


Please look out for information from your district about specifics regarding COVID-19, however please see below some state and national resources that are available. 

-NASP Advocacy Tools-

Did you know NASP has great resources to help with advocacy efforts?

Legislative Corner

KASP is excited to introduce the legislative corner!

Recently the KASP board received a training from the NASP Government and Professional Relations (GPR) Committee in effort to improve advocacy tools and efforts.

The KASP board is now working closely with the GPR committee on developing additional KASP advocacy goals. These will be shared here and updated! 

Convention News

2020 KASP Virtual Fall Convention

  • When? October 8th and 9th.  All content to be recorded and emailed to participates to view at a later date. You don’t have to miss out on any breakout sessions!
  • Where? From the comfort of wherever you are!
  • CPDs information: Participants will be able to earn CPDs if sessions are viewed by a deadline that will be determined soon (look out for info!). 
  • What about the swag? All attendees will receive KASP swag. More information soon!

Keynote Speaker 

Laurie Klose Ph.D.

School Psychology Ethics

Dr. Klose is the owner and CEO of RespectED, a consulting firm that provides services to schools and families. She has served as a faculty member at Trinity University and Texas State University, including serving as the Director of Assessment for the Clinic for Autism Research, Evaluation and Support and University Assessment and Counseling Clinic, and as a school psychologist for 12 years in California, Massachusetts, and Texas. Leadership positions include President of Texas ASP, Delegate, SE Delegate Representative, numerous state and national committees and the Chair of the NASP Ethics and Professional Practices Board.


Second Day Training Speaker

Charles Barrette Ph.D.

"It’s Always About the Children” – with a focus on assessment of ELL and other diverse children.

****All participates will also receive a copy of Charles Barrett’s book, “It’s Always About the Children” ****

Dr. Barrette is an unwavering commitment to equity and justice. He is a lead school psychologist with Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) and an adjunct lecturer in the school psychology programs at Howard University and George Mason University. Additionally, he serves as assistant director, internship supervisor, and chair of the Committee on Diversity for LCPS’s APA-accredited Doctoral Internship in Health Service Psychology. His current leadership positions within the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) include being a member of the Nomination and Elections and Social Justice Committees; chair of the Multicultural Affairs Committee; and the Virginia Delegate to the NASP Leadership Assembly.


Other Presentations 

  • Board Presentation on NASP 2020 Standards Practice Model
  • Breakout session topics to include Supervision, Social Justice, Dyslexia, and NASP Practice Model Q&A.

Update from the Student Representative

Hello everyone and welcome to a new semester and school year! While the beginning of this semester is different than previous years, our education and professional work are just as important as ever. The unique world circumstances and ever-changing climate of college and K-12 schools have greatly impacted graduate student’s educational advancement, which has resulted in the need to be adequately prepared, yet flexible, in our continued pursuance of this profession. Below are a few resources that graduate students can access and apply as preparations and adjustments are made throughout the school year.

NASP Resources:

  • COVID-19: Resource Center. This resource addresses guidance and supports for current school psychologists as well as graduate students.
  • Student Connections: Incorporating Self-Care Into Your Graduate School Career. Must have a NASP membership to access this resource online.

APA Resources:

Don’t forget to stay up to date on Kansas, school district, and University guidelines and policies regarding continued education throughout the remainder of the year.

Best of luck this semester and I hope to see you at the Fall Conference!

Molly K. Spencer


Kansas Association of School Psychologists (KASP) is approved by the National Association of School Psychologists to offer continuing education for school psychologists.  KASP maintains responsibility for the program.                                         

 KASP is a NASP approved provider of CPDs.   KASP is approved provider #1030

No person will be denied access to or full participation in any KASP program, event or activity on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, disability, or age. 

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